Thursday, 25 February 2016

Wild Wallet: Earn real Cash and free Gift cards

As previously I explained you about few app's which helps you How to Earn money and free rechargeThis is one of the similar app which help you to earn money or you can choose the payout for various gift cards like Amazon, Bitcoin, G2A, Xbox, Google Play, ITunes, PlayStation.

Steps to follow:

  •  Register your account using Google+ or Facebook.

  •  Start installing and open the app atleast 30Sec open WildWallet app to receive the Credits. 

Note: Do not uninstall the app untill you receive the credits for the app.

More ways of Earning:

  • Use my Referral code: 2018512 to receive 200 credits instantly.
 Note: Do not use the referral code unless your minimum credits reach 400 credits.

  • View the video ads for instant credits.

  • Ask your friends to use your referral code when he reached minimum 400 credits.

Steps to Redeem:

  • Goto Rewards tab and select your preferred payout based on your available credits redeem them.

Proof of Wild Wallet Payment:


This is one of the easy way to earn without any professional knowledge. Just by using an android phone and Wifi. In my upcoming articles I will share similar ways to earn. If you feel any difficult to understand feel free to ask for any type of queries. If you feel this article is helpful share in on your social networks to help your friends.

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